We have started to meet in person again on the third Wednesday of the month starting at 7pm (currently in 2 groups of 6 to comply with regulations. We have been very busy during the Pandemic and went along to Bank Hall's Craft Fair in June to sell some of our goods.


We aim to have at least one walk per month. We try to vary the times so that all our walkers are included


Before CoVid we tried to have a meal every month, sometimes it is an afternoon tea, or a lunch and sometimes it is an evening meal. We are now trying to resume our activities - join the Whats App group to find out more


Before CoVid we used to have two or three theatre trips a year and visits to other places depending on uptake. This will happen again we hope!


During the Pandemic we started our WI Book Club. Several of our members had been part of a village bookclub prior to CoVid and so we had not had a specific WI one. This must be our biggest satellite group now - we have 26 members and meet monthly on Zoom. If you are not already involved but want to be please contact Cath Marchbank.


A newly formed group, WIGs (WI Gardeners) has attracted a large following. Contact is usually on Whats App with a monthly Zoom meeting but we have the use of a small allotment in the grounds of the house of a village resident and there has been plant and seed swaps since February and now there are several plants growing in the allotment and doing extremely well. In the future we hope to organise visits to gardens too.


Our newest Satellite group, this began after a chance remark during the discussion about a book on a book club Zoom. So far we have shared pictures and information on Whats App but hope to meet in person very soon and invite members of the village to speak to us about their memories.


Currently in abeyance, this group also made a start during the Pandemic and was well attended for a few months, however injuries and other activities got in the way a little and the weather changed. Maybe now that summer is here we will start again.