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How do I join?

You don't have to commit straight away, come along and see whether you like it! You can attend a couple of meetings before deciding. We then have a yearly subscription which renewable in January every year.


New members joining WI for the first time pay a pro rata subscription depending on the quarter in which they join. The rates for 2024-5 are as follows:


1 Apr - 30 Jun £48.00

1 Jul - 30 Sept £36.00

1 Oct - 31 Dec  £24.00

1 Jan - 31 Mar £12.00

Existing members pay £48 to renew their membership.

You can belong to more than one WI by paying the full membership fee to the first WI and a further £23.60 to any additional WI at any time of the year - there is no pro rata rate for dual membership.

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